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5.19 Japanese roof tiles and tile factory

5.19.Japan-4-detail-c Japanese roof tiles - Highlights Relevant to Sustainable Design: Rethink the lifetime total cost of ownership of building envelopes starting with the roof. Asphalt roof shingles are commonplace across the roofs of American homes. Many countries...

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5.20 Japanese teahouse

5.20-japan-4-detail-d Japanese teahouse Note: the low square entrance of a traditional Japanese teahouse at the top of this sketch is described at the end of the Learn from Looking book Chapter 5 here is the relevant excerpt on the Japanese teahouse for your...

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Learn from Looking: See the world around you with fresh perspective.

Learn from Looking goes beyond looking for a way to support a belief and focuses on first-hand learning that has come from looking at solutions in the field. This resource informs and also serves as a catalyst to inspire others to document and share their insights. The Learn from Looking collection of travel drawings reflects a twenty year journey to different places around the world. The exploration was not scheduled or linear, and the circuitous path led to innovations that range from building an eco-smart home to launching a U.S. manufacturer of energy-saving LED lights. The combination of the Learn from Looking drawings and observations sheds new light on critical thinking for young and old minds, high Return on Investment (ROI) for business opportunities, and a springboard for groundbreaking future innovations. Collectively, the drawings and observations lead to a sustainable triple bottom line that supports people, the planet, and profit.


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