side-yard house design

6.28-6.30 Side-yard house design in Hungary

6.30.Hungary-4-detail-b Highlights Relevant to Sustainable Design:

Look at the side-yard “I” house and cost-effectively protecting chickens from foxes.

The upper left illustrates a row house, which is really a side-yard house, designed to extend as the family grows. If the width between houses is increased, as in some other examples, the yard becomes a private courtyard. The yard is private because there are no windows on the backside of the adjacent house. This creates a balance of privacy and community proximity that works well, especially for families who have young children playing safely in the side yards. Plus, if you want fresh, local, organic eggs for breakfast and poultry for dinner, the enclosed side yard is ideal to contain chickens and also a protected vegetable garden.

The round object in the plan is the heating element in the bedroom. This drawing also includes a rectangular thatch-roofed chicken coop with a very small addition at the far end. The farmer added a doghouse to protect the chickens from foxes, since the right type of dogs cost-effectively scare away foxes. In the lower right, this bench has a hinge to flip the backrest to sit facing the other direction without having to move the bench. See Hungary 4: Detail (c) for other house plan configurations.

(The following two larger sketchbook sections are for perspective on subsequent content.)




The figure outline in this image is for scale to illustrate the size of the fold-out field drawing. The descriptions of certain key elements and insights are included with the accompanying drawings in this section.

Author and illustrator: Charlie Szoradi is an architect, inventor, and the CEO of Independence LED Lighting. He writes about many other topics related to side-yard house design through his extensive travels around the world.

If you have found this posting online, it is an excerpt from Mr. Szoradi’s book Learn from Looking that served as the inspiring seed content for this drawing share resource. For additional drawings and insights on side-yard house design and advantages, we hope that you enjoy exploring You can search via general terms such as sustainability as well as narrower terms such as side-yard house design for “I” plan, “L” house, and “U” house.


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