5.8-japan-2-detail-a Highlights Relevant to Sustainable Design:

Local material use reduces transportation costs and pollution from fossil fuels.

The stone wall illustrated here is comprised of multiple-sized stones. Notice that the stones are skillfully pieced together like a puzzle. The largest stone in the center fits especially well with the smaller one to its right. When the stones do not line up exactly, the masons use smaller stones to fill the gaps. These walls last for hundreds of years, and one of the hallmarks of sustainability is longevity. These walls take longer to build than mass-produced concrete block or retaining paver walls, but they last longer and leverage the local materials despite the irregularity of the stone shapes and sizes.

Author and illustrator: Charlie Szoradi is an architect, inventor, and the CEO of Independence LED Lighting. He writes about many other topics related to longevity in construction and local sustainable definition through his extensive travels around the world.

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