5.26-japan-6-detail-a Highlights Relevant to Sustainable Design:

We can build cultural memory into our architecture and personalize objects in our world.

The gateway at this temple includes little stones that visitors place on top as a means of signifying their visit. Years later when I was in Idaho, I saw a gate that reminded me of this simple but meaningful way to mark an entrance. See sketchbook USA 2: Detail (a).



Idaho barn gate

The circles on the right (Drawing 5.26-japan-6-detail-a) are the metal hilts for swords. They include openings that are ornamental to personalize the weapons for the warriors. Local craftsmanship and manufacturing has the potential to reemerge in the twenty-first century. Local equals less transit costs of fuel and less emissions. Part 5, “Conclusions,” of this book speaks more to the sustainability advantages of local production in the chapter “Local Future.”

5.25.Japan-6-Horizontal-with-Figure – This drawing and the descriptions address less emissions through local craftsmanship, Japanese rock gardens, Hiroshima, and a cemetery for babies that reminds us of how life is precious.

The figure outline in this image is for scale to illustrate the size of the fold-out field drawing. The descriptions of certain key elements and insights are included with the accompanying drawings in this section.

less emissions, Japanese rock garden, Hiroshima, life is precious

Author and illustrator: Charlie Szoradi is an architect, inventor, and the CEO of Independence LED Lighting. He writes about many other topics related to less emissions and local production through his extensive travels around the world.

If you have found this posting online, it is an excerpt from Mr. Szoradi’s book Learn from Looking that served as the inspiring seed content for this drawing share resource. For additional drawings and insights on less emissions to help reduce climate change impact, we hope that you enjoy exploring LearnfromLooking.com. You can search via general terms such as sustainability as well as narrower terms such as CO2 and less emissions.